How we return to the Society

CSR isn't a particular programme, it's what we do every day, maximising positive impact and minimising negative impact.

Commercial exploration is what we do, but a well-planned execution of responsibility towards the society gets manifested in different Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives undertaken by us. We are regularly working in tandem with varied NGOs like Apna School, Gurukul etc. in providing education to under-privileged children.


Through our embedded knowledge and belief in the importance of business contribution towards society, Siddharth Grease and Lubes is driven by a mission to support and provide sustainability in the social environment, education, literacy and various other segments for which we owe a duty. Corporate Social Responsibility being the de facto of our operational efficacies, Siddharth Grease and Lubes Group is ambitious in attaining a higher degree of sustainability in all aspects of development say human, nature, financial etc.

With our autonomous body of corporate culture, Corporate Social Responsibility is reflected in our business ethics and our decision making is affected within same efforts. All our policies are focussed on strengthening the existing infrastructure and improving them through our social programmes and motivational initiatives.


Siddharth Grease and Lubes Group believes Corporate Social Responsibility to be a part of what we do and how we execute it. With our sole commitment towards integrating the social, economic or environmental principles into our business domain, we aim to touch the lives of thousands of people worldwide along with bringing a revolution in accelerating their corresponding development.


The pivotal members of this development program are those with which Siddharth Grease and Lubes works in accordance. We convey our objectives and work conventions through various measurable social changes that are an indicative of our future prospects as well. As a socially responsible entity, our organization thrives to participate in enhancing all-round growth of the communities and dig up their potential through meticulous efforts and an accessed monitoring.