The Grease & Lubes Chef – A 360-Degree Solutionism

SGL’s talented ‘Grease Chefs’, ‘Lube Technologists’& ‘Application Specialists’ offer,A 360-Degree Comprehensive client-centric solutions from formulation to delivery of  finished products and beyond.

Suggesting an equivalent / superior grease

Our Technical Experts would be glad to suggest you the most suitable grease for your machine.

Formulating Trial Scheme as per the requirement

Siddharth Grease provides you support to formulate trial scheme for new grease evaluations for any machinery

Provide Technical Support

In case you have any queries about our lubricants & Greases, please speak to our Technical Team

Training to the Sales Team and customers

At Siddharth Grease, we provide requisite training to your Sales/Technical/Marketing Engineers so that you are aware of our products and services in the State-of-the-Art Training Centre.

Involvement in field trials

Our Application Experts will be helping you in the meticulous field trials planning.

Used grease testing, analysis & Condition Monitoring

Siddharth Grease provides condition monitoring services of your machinery by periodic sample testing.

Application engineering support

At Siddharth Grease, we work with your design and engineering teams to support your application and process requirement.

Sample Testing from NABL Accredited Lab

Siddharth Grease provides testing services for Lubricants & Greases in NABL Accredited Laboratory

New product development introduction

Come and experience our new and innovative products developed and we are happy to introduce new products as per your need.


Siddharth Grease also provides help for setting up/expansion of your dream grease plant

Faculty Assistance

Our Talented & Experienced Technical Experts can extend faculty support for Business Schools, Technical Education Institutions, Education in the field of Grease Manufacturing, Training providing platform for research activity related to grease