Trinity Lubes & Greases FZC is backed by the Siddharth Technology Centre(STC). Based at our main plant in Gurgaon, India. The STC is led by highly qualified and dedicated professionals.


The major thrust areas for R&D are high performance and specialty products for niche markets. The R&D Centre is engaged in development of various high-performance lubricants with critical applications parameters like high temperature, extreme pressure, low temperature and long life lubrication.Focus is towards the development of technology for high performance greases for industrial and automotive sectors. These innovations help bring down the cost of ownership of plant and machinery.


The results of some of our work has been taken up by the world’s leading lubricant brands. We see this a being very positive, we are helping our industry to be more environmentally friendly.


The STC boasts state-of-the-art equipment and is NABL-ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited. It is also recognized by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, and Government of India.


Much of the same equipment and all of the Standard Operating Systems of the STC are in the Trinity R&D centre, watched over by highly experienced professionals.


You can have confidence that we are working to make life easier for you.









Our Research Department is equipped with latest world’s class instruments for the evaluation of both oil & grease lubricants.


We are committed to explore new research areas based on literature or innovative thought process that might one day give rise to revolutionary discoveries and improvements.


We put together a pool of skilled experts from many different fields, from formulation to engine technology. We also recruit highly skilled professionals expertized in their respective area. Our analytical facilities run sophisticated testing processes such as ICAP, FT-IR, and Nitrogen analyser among many others.


By continually monitoring the environmental impact of all our products and improving all aspects from manufacturing to performance, we work to protect the environment by developing heavy metal free products.

In nut shell, the key functions of the Centre are as below:

  • To assess customer needs and provide tailor-made solutions after thorough analysis and thought process improving existing products through indigenisation of raw material.
  • To provide value added technical support/ assistance/ technology solutions to key industrial customers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) according to their specific requirements.
  • STC will facilitate development of the products to cater the needs of different customers and to support the business interest of organization by saving costs, reduce downtime and improve performance
  • Developed products are evaluated in simulated conditions in-house before they are customized. We guide customers on product selection, application, and to follow best practice.
  • To carry out application-oriented research in greases and lubricants area.
  • Product training and field testing backed by highly qualified scientists / engineers.

STC will facilitate development of the products to meet the needs of customers to save costs, reduce downtime and improve performance. Developed products are evaluated in simulated conditions in-house before they are customized. We train customers on product selection, application, and to follow best practices.


At Siddharth, we constantly aim to deepen our partnership with our customers. We believe in building a quality culture through employee participation, motivation, training and sense of belongingness. Our futuristic aim is to covert R&D for tailor made technical solutions for promoting business and making it a profit centre.