We strive to continually demonstrate technical competence and extraordinary services to existing clients, potential clients and independent auditing authorities. Consistent excellent performance is achieved through the implementation of our Quality Assurance / Quality Control Program.


The Quality Assurance / Quality Control Program conforms to the requirements of ISO 17025 for the tests listed on ‘Siddharth Greases and Lubes ‘ scope of accreditation, and functions to continually improve the effectiveness of the management system. Employees are educated regarding the location and content of quality documents which pertain to their responsibilities. Employees are required to carry out the quality policies and procedures in their work.


To offer premium quality Lubricant (Automotive Oils, Industrial Oils, Automotive Greases, Industrial Greases and others) we have established a full-fledged, well equipped laboratory that can ensure quality consistency of products. We make use of the finest chemicals raw materials in all our manufacturing operations that can offer flawless products.


We focus on building up structural conditions to create a Quality Management system for a long-term high product quality and services to our customer at Siddharth Grease & lubes. They are the essential building blocks of our corporate philosophy.


We have a team of highly proficient and creative Engineers and Chemists to keep a Harmony in Chemistry and Technology at our laboratory. Our quality professional is in continuous touch with R&D for further development in testing skills.


With that, we organize training programme for our QC & QA from proficient and recognized professionals, Technical & Quality professionals.


We are a quality conscious firm and engaged in meeting all the requirements of clients because of following factors:


  • Innovative & Highly qualified professionals
  • World class quality control labs
  • Upgraded technology & technologists
  • Mixture of Young-blooded and experienced professionals
  • Competitive environment
  • Years of domain expertise
  • Together with Research & Development

Why Quality Control & Assurance?

We in Siddharth have a combination of Young blooded and experienced professionals for Quality control and Assurance to give a relaxed feel to our clients. We are committed to operating within the highest professional standards and providing our clients with high quality test data.

We deliberately check the material from Head-to-tale to achieve a ZERO DEFECT- ZERO EFFECT benchmark. From Incoming Raw material, Intermediates, finished Goods to Packaging material.

 Quality assurance and quality control services include:


  • Assure the quality of all the raw materials that are being used in the manufacturing of finished products of lubricating oil and greases and the quality of packaging materials as well as finished products.
  • Comply with all relevant quality standards and regulations
  • Verify materials, parts and final products through independent checks, audits, inspections and witnessing.
  • QA of the organisation involved in the manufacturing and supply of finished products.
  • Review of specifications, procedures and specified standards utilised.
  • Inspection, witnessing or verification to establish the quality of a material or system during manufacturing
  • Pre-shipment inspections and loading supervision during the transportation phase
  • Monitoring storage methods and preventive maintenance systems of plant equipment before and during installation
  • Organisation and implementation of record retention systems.


What we do??


  • In-process inspection
  • Bulk stage inspection
  • On-line inspection – First fill/ Last fill
  • Random inspection on-line
  • After 24/ 48 hrs.


If quality issues arise, Siddharth laboratories are well staffed and equipped to perform troubleshooting and investigative analysis to help determine quality problems and root cause.

  • Lubricating Greases Testing Facilities at Siddharth

  • Test Description Test Method
    Alkalinity and Acidity by wet analysis ASTM D 128
    Ash Content ASTM D 482
    Base oil extraction of Greases and viscosity estimation of base oil ASTM D 128/ ASTM D 445
    Copper Corrosion of lubricating greases ASTM D 4048
    Corrosion Preventive Equipment ASTM D1743
    Deleterious Particles in Greases ASTM D 1404
    Drop Melting Point IP 133
    Dropping Point of Complex/ HT Greases ASTM D 2265
    Dropping Point Tester ASTM D566
    Elemental Analysis by ICAP ASTM D 4951
    Four ball EP Test for Greases ASTM D 2596
    Four Ball Wear Test for Greases ASTM D 2266
    FT-IR Recording ASTM E 1252
    Grease Worker ASTM D 217
    High Temperature Wheel bearing Tester ASTM D 3527
    Low temperature torque tester of greases IP 186
    Mean Hertz Load/ Load Wear Index of Greases/ Oil ASTM D 2596/ IP 239
    Nitrogen content ASTM D 4629/ ASTM D 5762
    Oil Separation test ASTM 6184
    Oil Separation test on storage under pressure ASTM D 1742
    Oil Separation IP121
    Oxidation of Greases ASTM D-942
    Penetration ASTM D 217
    Pumpability of Greases by Grease Gun Appendix A of IS 507
    Roll Stability ASTM D1831
    Salt spray test for grease ASTM B 117
    SKF EMCOR Rust Test IP-220
    Sulphur by Bomb Method IS1443: P 33
    Sulphated Ash ASTM D 874
    TAN/TBN Analyser ASTM D 2896/ ASTM D 664
    Water content by dean & stark method ASTM D 95
    Water spray off test ASTM D 4049
    Water Washout ASTM D 1264
    Wheel Bearing Leakage Tendency ASTM D 1263

  • Lubricating Oil Testing Facilities at Siddharth

  • Test Description Test Method
    Ash Content ASTM D 482
    Brookfield Viscometer ASTM D 2983
    Channel Point Test Appendix B of IS 1118
    Chlorine analysis by wet method Appendix of IS 1118
    Cold Cranking Simulator ASTM D 5293
    Color ASTM D 1500
    Copper Corrosion of lubricating Oils ASTM D 130
    Demulsibility Tester ASTM D 1401
    Density by hydrometer ASTM D 1298
    Elemental Analysis by ICAP ASTM D 4951
    Flash point tester, COC ASTM D 92
    Flash Point Tester, PMCC ASTM D 93
    Foaming Sequence Tester I to III ASTM D 892
    Foaming Sequence Tester IV ASTM D 6082
    Four ball EP Test for lubricating oils ASTM D 2783
    Four Ball Wear Test for lubricating oils ASTM D 4172
    Four Ball Test IP 239
    FT-IR Recording ASTM E1252
    Mean Hertz Load/ Load Wear Index ASTM D 2783/ IP 239
    High Temperature High Shear tester ASTM D 5481
    Kinematic viscosity at 40 oC &100 oC ASTM D 445
    Lovibond Tintometer IP 17
    Mini Rotary Viscometer ASTM D 4684
    Nitrogen content ASTM D 4629
    Noack Volatility Tester ASTM D 5800 B
    Pour Point Tester ASTM D 97
    Stabinger Viscometer for viscosity, density, viscosity index ASTM D 7042/ ASTM D 4052
    Sulphur by Bomb Method IS1443: P 33
    Sulphated Ash ASTM D 874
    TAN/TBN Analyser ASTM D 2896/ ASTM D 664
    Water content by Karl Fischer ASTM D 1744
    Water content by dean & stark method ASTM D 95